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Skittles Original Fruity

Skittles Original Fruity

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Skittles Original Flavor Bag (China)

These Limited Edition Skittles imported from China are a delicious addition to your collection!

Why Choose Our International Snacks for Your Store?

  1. Profit Potential: Enjoy up to 50% profit margins by strategically sourcing international snacks.

  2. Current Trends: Align with popular food trends like limited editions and hard-to-get foods to attract a wider customer base.

  3. Effective Pricing: Implement smart pricing strategies like bundling, promotions, and loyalty programs to drive larger purchases while maintaining healthy margins.

  4. Visual Merchandising: Elevate your store's appeal with creative displays, eye-catching signage, and organized shelves for increased exploration and impulse purchases.

NOTE: Cases come in 120 or 60 🫡


The products are printed and shipped via a third party printing company, with times that vary due to order volume.

Please allow 3-8 days for shipping.

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